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Description Jacó / Hermosa

Fuego del Sol


The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica covers the coastline that extends from the port city of Puntarenas down to the Marino Ballena National Park in beautiful Costa Rica. Reachable by air, land, or sea, this famous beach, surf, and extended-stay destination have flourished as a dream place for an ever-growing trendy cosmopolitan community.

The area is a series of small coastal towns, some of which continue to have their local flair. Others, like Jaco, Hermosa, Manuel Antonio, and Dominical, are very much on the world map as cosmopolitan beach towns. These boast some of the best surfing, water activities, and restaurants in Costa Rica. They remain trendy for tourism throughout the year, welcoming many international nomads drawn to their vibe, incredible waves, and the sense of community they exhale.

Super Surf

Hermosa Beach is a surfer’s paradise with some of the best breaks in the country. It has been rated as one of the best surfing spots in Central America and was recently approved as a World Surfing Reserve (WSR). While this recognition is based on the quality of the waves and surfing conditions, it also considers the area’s incredible biodiversity, the strong sense of community, and the clearly articulated conservation vision.

This is a place for intermediate and above surfers, and while it does host surf schools to learn how to ride the waves, Hermosa is more for seasoned wave riders. The surf community is tight and welcoming, so join in.

For the love of food!

Nowadays, Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coastline is home to a new generation of fantastic chefs and creative masters in the kitchen that offer excellent food, a fusion of local and international flavors, and impressive dishes. The route from the traditional, open-air seafood restaurants to the trendy modern eateries has transformed the Jaco and Hermosa gastronomical landscape and invites you to delight in this process of culinary maturity.

Natures Backyard

Costa Rica is synonymous with nature, and Hermosa Beach is the epitome of beauty in nature. Its privileged location immersed in nature-inspired every aspect of the community, even its name, which translates to Beautiful!

Nature reserves, national parks, wide-open water, and rainforest-covered mountains are all within easy reach from Hotel Fuego de Sol. Whether immersed in it or enjoying its surprises from a distance, nature is your unwavering companion.

The sleepy sloth, the sunbaking iguana, the cheeky monkeys, or viewing the majestic humpback whales as they travel to breed and give birth to their calves are all intrinsic features of the magic of Hermosa Beach.